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The warranty for the devices is 24 months from the date of sale.

The warranty does not cover devices with mechanical damages (including cables), static electrical damage and signs of unauthorized interference (including damage to the integrity of the seals).

The service center is in Moscow.

Contact the service center by e-mail tt@medimpedance.ru, specifying in the letter the date of purchase of the device, the name, phone number of the contact person and a brief description of the problem.

For repair it is necessary to send the device to Moscow (the cost of delivery is borne by the sender). After receiving the device within one working week we will contact you and let you know the results of the check: reasons, conditions, conditions of repair.

You can quickly replace a faulty device with a new one, provided that the customer deposits cash in case of need for a paid repair (not a guaranteed case).

User's manual

Observe measures of antistatic safety (damage to measuring equipment by static electricity is equivalent to mechanical damage). Namely:

  • For potential equalization, first touch the patient's skin with your hand (bare part of the body), then connect the electrodes and apply the sensor;
  • Avoid the use of disposable synthetic sheets directly on the couches with synthetic coating (place the fabric treated with an antistatic agent between the couch and a disposable cotton pad);
  • It is undesirable to use the device in rooms with linoleum on the floor;
  • Be especially attentive to the problems of static electricity during the cold and dry season;
  • If necessary, use antistatic treatment of the workplace, other measures of antistatic safety;
  • Transport and storage of the device in an antistatic bag included in the original packaging.
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