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1. Electrical impedance mammography is a simple, affordable and inexpensive method; it is radiation-free and non-invasive. In addition to visual assessment the method enables the examiner to carry out a quantitative evaluation of the mammograms, which is extremely important in differential diagnostics of various breasts states and their pathologies.

2. The method has no contraindications and can be used as often as requited which is very important for case monitoring of women with breast pathologies as well as for case management, assigning of combined oral contraceptives or hormone replacements therapy.

3. It allows to examine pregnant women and puerpera.

4. The electrical impedance mammograph can be used in inpatient and outpatient departments of hospitals, maternity welfare centres, doctors’ offices and other institutions of public health. Thanks to its portability and compactness the device can be used for breast examination in remote areas, which lack stationary equipment.

5. The method of multifrequency electrical impedance mammography significantly improves diagnostic results of dyshormonal diseases. Compared with the single-frequency electrical impedance mammography, multi-frequency mammography allows not only to diagnose mastopathy, but to differentiate a cystic mastopathy from an acystic one, thus, defining a risk group of patients with possible development of breast cancer for a closer examination and supervision.

6. The multi-frequency method of electrical impedance mammography makes it possible to diagnose changes in tissue status at mastalgia, which other methods of breast examination can not provide.

7. The multi-frequency method of electrical impedance is very effective in diagnostics of benign and malignant tumours of breast. Its sensitivity (the number of patients in whom the disease symptom is detected or symptom rate) is not below 76% and specificity (absence of symptom rate in case of healthy people) is 75%. Compared with the method of X-ray mammography, the latter is characterized by the sensitivity 71% - 87% and specificity - 38%.

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